Mike Saburenkov

Django cards

If you take metro and stand facing doors, it might feel as if the train goes straight without turns. Though if you look back and the previous car can be seen, you'll notice that it's wriggling from side to side.

That's what I ended up with while trying to describe my interests in creativity. To capture and share such moments, mostly by photography now, occasionally by text. So at first, it was some DIY weblog, then I moved to LiveJournal. Later it was Flickr, then Instagram until it all froze in early 2018. Since then I've been thinking how to do it right. All social networks or standalone portfolio/blogging web platforms didn't appeal to me. It was either focused on different goals or just too noisy. Also, I didn't stop thinking of what to do with photographs being just a sub-second glimpse on your displays.

So here is another attempt. Now here.

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Oh, and I'd like to mention recent findings that helped me to decide: The Red Hand Files by Nick Cave and Sequences by Brandur Leach. Check them out. And let's start.