Books read

★☆☆☆☆ — So bad I didn't finish.
★★☆☆☆ — Bad. I finished it, but I didn't like it at all.
★★★☆☆ — Ok. Time not wasted. Can't really recommend though.
★★★★☆ — Good. Enjoyed. Would recommend!
★★★★★ — Excellent. I'd read it again.


Fatu-Hiva: Back to Nature by Thor Heyerdahl

★★★★☆ 1930s, remote tropical islands, cunning locals, mysterious stone statues in the middle of the jungle, fields of skulls, rare diseases, underground lakes, cannibals, Gauguin's rifle. Real adventure fiction, but it's all truth, photos attached.

Dune, by Frank Herbert

★★★★★ Probably I was too young and interested in different things ~20 years ago when I read it for the first time. Also I read it in Russian so it might have been not the best translation. Now after watching a trailer for the upcoming Denis Villeneuve’s film, I decided to re-read and couldn't stop until I finished. So good.

The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You, by Julie Zhuo

★★★★☆ A nice compilation of tips and tricks for the first-time managers. The author is a designer manager at Facebook. At the beginning I saved few quotes but most of the book I read diagonally. Nevertheless I'd recommend it if you're looking to read something on the topic and it sounds relevant to you: 1:1s, meetings, giving feedback, etc.


In late 90s and early 2000s I read quite a lot. Mainly it was 19th and 20th century classics, counterculture, science fiction. Then at some point I stopped. A couple of books a month dropped to one-two a good year. Since then I had few attempts to start reading again but it didn't get further than a book or two. Then I decided to log books I read and you're looking at this log. I don't know how to put here those from the past but here are few.

The Fall of Hyperion, by Dan Simmons

★★★★★ Same as the first book. Top-notch.

Hyperion, by Dan Simmons

★★★★★ One of the best science fiction I've read. I re-read the whole cycle 2 times in the past and when I made an attempt to start reading again I picked the most beloved science fiction I knew. Enjoyed it as the first time.